Les trois piliers de la pédagogie salésienne

A call to reason

The task of educators is the human and intellectual training of children, as well as preparation for their future place in society.

In the spirit of Don Bosco, educators appeal to young people’s intelligence, conscience and sense of effort.

They become interlocutors in the full sense of the term,
thus discovering their sense of responsibility and liberty.

An affectionate relationship

According to Don Bosco, learning at school should take place in an atmosphere of confidence and joy in which all involved are happy to work together. “I believe in human beings and their possibilities.” “I believe in human beings and their possibilities.”

He concentrates on the best in each person. An affectionate relationship therefore is expressed in true and direct love of the young person as he/she is, giving special attention to those whose lives are particularly difficult.

Discovery of spirituality

While being conscious of the different backgrounds and diverse origins of the Institute’s members, the latter suggests an awakening to spiritual questions which can arise and develop in the context of an “educative community”. This should be adapted to the age of the children.