Elementary classes

From 3P to 8P


280 students from 13 classes in the primary section follow the Plan d’Etude Romand PER (the Study Plan of French-speaking Switzerland).

Thanks to the diversity and complementarity of the tools at their disposal, the teaching team’s main objective is to transmit the pleasure of learning and to foster self-confidence in their students.


8.00 Class / Récréation / Class

11:00 – 12:45 (3P, 4P, and SP) Recreation and lunch
11:45 – 13:15 (6P, 7P and 8P) Recreation and lunch

Class / Recreation

16:00 End of school day

Areas covered:

Written French
Oral French
German (from 5P)
Science activities and discovering the world
History et geography
Physical activities
Manual activities

Scholastic support

This reinforces the support available to the children, paying particular attention to the work on self-confidence and well-being in school.

In certain cases, the support team may also be called upon to help the respective teachers apply specific measures to help children in difficulties.

Contact : direction@salesienne.ch