recognised as being of public utility


The Charitable Association “La Salésienne” is a Catholic pre-school and primary school education institution, a member of the Geneva Association of Private Schools (AGEP), founded in August 1951.

Its aim is to provide training, education and teaching for children of families of modest means, including in general all activities leading directly or indirectly to this goal.

The Committee

Given its legal status, the school may not engage in any lucrative operations. The present committee is the executive organ and legal representative of the association.

Consisting of volunteers, the committee monitors the right functioning of the establishment, both administrative and operational, in the respect of the religious community and the Salésien spirit under the supervision of the Provincial Sister of Milan.

The Community

The Community is the guarantor of the Salesien spirit, in collaboration with the Director of the establishment.

Its active participation in the life of the school strongly contributes to the family spirit so vital to the Institute.

In fact, by their presence among the students at different times of day, the Sisters provide the basis of the caring environment for each child and, more widely, for each family.


The direction of the school is entrusted
To Madame Marine Chapin.

From the application of teaching and education programmes to managing the relationships between different interlocutors (teachers, parents and third parties) she is responsible for managing the day-to-day running of the Institute.

Office of Human Rights

The Office of Human Rights represents the Institute of the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians(IIMA) and the VIDES (Volontario Internazionale Donna Educazione Sviluppo) within the United Nations in Geneva.

It reflects the mission of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians, which is to promote the interests of young people as well as the right to education according to the Salesien spirit.

It allows the school to support those institutions engaged in the recognition of human rights, including of the youngest and most vulnerable, thus reconciling the Gospels with History.


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The Department of Public Instruction (DIP)

The Institute maintains close ties with the DIP by following the official programmes of Geneva canton, and, more widely, the Plan d’Etude Romand (PER: the Study Plan of French-speaking Switzerland).

The Geneva Association of Private Schools (AGEP)

As a member of this Association, the school carries out exchanges with other institutions and has a wide choice of ongoing training. It thus follows evolution in the education world in which it is an active participant.