The teaching community would be happy to welcome you to La Salésienne and to answer any questions during visits organized according to your needs.

Contact us by telephone on +41 22 552 43 32 or by email at the to arrange a visit .You can also learn more about our school by clicking on the following links:

Our advantages

The salesien spirit

School fees are calculated according to the school year. They include teaching, meals and the creche.

Fees are settled in 10 instalments, payable in advance by means of CCP bulletins sent with the bills.

School materials and books are charged separately, at the beginning of the school year.

We propose to those families who would like to help our Institute the possibility of opting for a support tariff or a benefactor tariff.

The difference between those tariffs and the basic fees is tax-deductible as a gift to the Association La Salésienne, recognized as being of public utility. An attestation receipt will be delivered promptly.

Please be aware that any effort in this area provides a huge springboard in promoting new perspectives for your children.

Monthly rate 2020-2021

Basic tarrif 930 CHF – Support tariff 980 CHF – Benefactor tariff 1130 CHF

Monthly Lunch prices (without wednesday) : 230 CHF

Wednesday (daycare and lunch included) : 280 CHF

After 16.15 (J.E./1P/2P/3P) :

200 CHF (4 days ) 160 CHF (3d) 120 CHF (2d) 80 CHF (1d)

Supervised study (4P/5P/6P/7P/8P) :
220 CHF (4 days 180 CHF (3d) 150 CHF (2d) 110 CHF (1d)

Daily ratet is 60 CHF for Don Bosco Summercamp.

A monthly reduction of CHF 50 in teaching fees  is granted to the second child in a family and 100 CHF for the third and fourth child.  This applies only to those children who attend La Salésienne full-time, four days a week.

Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to enrolling a child at the Institute.